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6 Magnetic Pens (Black) Permanent Magnet Embedded Bic Round Stic

Save space and time with pens that are always within reach. These magnetic pens are perfect for the refrigerator, microwave, whiteboards with metal backing, lamps, metal doors, warehouse shelving, clipboards, nails or metal pins in the wall, and more. Each pen has a 2.3lb strength rare earth neodymium permanent magnet embedded in its pen cap. (Magnets will not fall out) These pens are hand made by softening the plastic caps at high heat and inserting the magnets firmly before the plastic cools.

- Won't slide off the fridge like other pens.
- Lower cost than other magnet pens.
- Made using smooth Bic Round Stic Pens (every office's favorite pens)

The strength of the magnets inside is 2.3 lbs of pulling force when used on ideal metals. Real world pull strength on your refridgerator will be half a pound so it's still a very strong magnetic hold. When your pen runs out of ink just re-use the standard magnetic cap on other pens. Email chris at if you would like to order massive quantities at a discount for resale or repackaging with your own product.