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ToDoCal 2014 Large 15″ x 25″ Minimalist Squareless Wall Calendar

$12.99 FREE!!!  MOVING To Portland, 900 870 650 452 399 Calendars Must Be Liquidated Immediately. PAY ONLY for exact shipping (shipping calculator combines all calendars in one box) Get as many as you want. Tell your friends.

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2014 is the LAST YEAR for ToDoCal. There will be no 2015 :(

Increase your productivity with a calendar that fits more notes. You'll love ToDoCal's Square-less design so much you'll never go back to writing appointments in squares again. ToDoCal gives you 20-30% more room to write per date. It's easier to write and read appointments and notes. And the paper is brighter and thicker than other calendars sold at OfficeMax, Office Depot, & Staples.

Each date's line height is as big as 2 lines on a standard notebook. So you'll have a ton of room to write without having to fragment your appointments. The unique layout uses the familiarity of a tradtional 7 days a week left to right format but arranges your appointments in chronological order like a todo list. Giving you the best of both worlds. You can also read your notes from across the room. Once you free yourself of calendars with the annoying little squares you'll never go back.

Made in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Has mini-calendars at the bottom of each page for a quick view of future dates. And includes each month's date printed in the lower right hand corner so you can easily flip to future months.

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  • International Shipping available world-wide.
  • Made in USA. Ships Immediately.
  • 15" x 25" inches long (38cm x 63.5cm) & 11 ounces (312 grams)

  • 12 months, Jan to Dec on ultra white paper.
  • Metal wire-o binding with metal calendar hanger.
  • Includes USA Federally recognized holidays.