avatar6Hello, I’m Chris Norstrom and I’m the founder of Day One (Productivity Products). I’m a designer / inventor in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.¬† You can see my portfolio of just some of my ideas/creations/inventions here: ChrisNorstrom.com. The first product I ever created is ToDoCal. Which I came up with in 2008 and finally talked about in 2010 here: http://www.chrisnorstrom.com/2010/12/invention-calendar-layout-that-actually-has-space-for-notes-reminder/. I lived in Orlando, worked in the entertainment industry as a product assistant in Films, TV, Music Videos, and Commercials for 2 years, then at Universal Studios Orlando before I moved back home to St. Louis and worked at A-Z Tree Services. The economy got bad, I lost my job and the owner his business, and I decided to finally take a risk and start selling all the little things I’ve come up with all these years.

For now I’m working out of the basement.


  • Dec 8 – Dec 15, 2012 – Launched¬† ToDoCal on FAB.com
  • Dec 17 – Featured on Design-Milk.com for Best 2013 Calendars.
  • Dec 11 – Launched this website: DayOnePP.com
  • March 1 – Sold out and ordering more calendars.