ToDoCal 2014 Large 15″ x 25″ Minimalist Squareless Wall Calendar – On Sale!

Increase your productivity with a calendar that fits more notes. Modern, stylish, and ready for all the appointments you couldn’t fit on your old calendar. ToDoCal’s creative and unique layout combines the ease of a to-do list with the familiarity of a traditional calendar layout. Giving you much more room to write. And since each date’s line is as big as 2 lines on a standard notebook, you can read your notes from across the room…… click to read more.

Multi-Sided Door Hanger, Plastic Paper with Water Proof Ink

Get work done without distractions and reduce office disturbances and confusion. This 6 sided #5 plastic door hanger printed with waterproof ink lets the office know when you’re free, when to leave you alone, and when you’re out.¬†Perfect for startup offices, meeting & conference rooms, law firms, roommate apartments, shared bathrooms, and anywhere where concentration and private space is a vital asset.

6 Magnetic Pens (Black) Permanent Magnet Embedded Bic Round Stic – On Sale!

Save space and time with pens that are always within reach. These magnetic pens are perfect for the refrigerator, microwave, whiteboards with metal backing, lamps, metal doors, warehouse shelving, clipboards, nails or metal pins in the wall, and more. Each pen has a 2.3lb strength rare earth neodymium permanent magnet embedded in its pen cap. (Magnets will not fall out) These pens are hand made by softening the plastic caps at high heat and inserting the magnets firmly before the plastic cools.